Friday, 2 November 2012


Right readers, times are getting hard and my pockets are slowly but surely getting emptier!

Don't FRET though, cause I have thought of a sneaky little plan to produce more posts without spending my own money. 

And NO it's not by getting men to take me out , however that would be great! *Hint Hint*

But by getting my friends to blog about any places they go to which they think are worth sharing with the rest of the world...slightly ambitious with how many people I think read this! 

So here she is, the one, the only, NATALIE RETTER reporting about one of Shoreditch’s top restaurants, Tramshed

Take it away!


 I am Natalie and last week I went to the Tramshed with my friend Charlie. I ventured passed this place when I went for Tapas with Sasha and I decided I just had to try it out.

 The Tramshed is a one-of-a-kind restaurant close to Old Street station that serves high-grade chicken and steak.

The first thing you notice when you walk in, is a massive Damien Hirst artwork called ‘Cock n’ Bull’. 


I wasn't quite sure though if this huge raised cow wet or dried my appetite; entertaining all the same.

There was also a big canvas picture in the upstairs seating area of the childhood cartoon, Cow and Chicken. Such a blast from the past, and a real good conversation started especially if you're on a date! 

Charlie and I had decided to go for steak over chicken, . Our lovely waitress, Emily, suggested we share a bigger steak between us rather than two separate steaks, as it would be juicier. So we went for the 500g steaks and boy was it juicy! Chips accompanied our Steak and onion rings- just to get in one of your 5 a day. Deep – fried goodness. Half way to a heart attack, but friggin’ tasty.

I would like to suggest a lovely wine as they did have a wall lined with wine bottles, but I went for the usual when eating red meat – your cheapest, largest red please! Or alternatively, the cheapest way to get drunk the fastest, please. (Don't blame me, Im English, and I was a student about 4 months ago)

 The food was really amazing! 

Our medium rare steak was cooked to perfection and we munched it all pretty fast! I did see some customers order the chicken, which was presented upside down with its legs in the air!


 I would highly recommend this restaurant for people that love steak or chicken. The prices are also acceptable at £20 for a 250g steak and chips. The staff were very lovely and attentive and the atmosphere is warm and chatty.

Some extra facts that the lovely Emily gave me:

-The steak is aged for 45 days in a salt chamber in Northern Island.
-the only retaurant of its kind in Europe
-Damien Hirst cow is called Roberta and the cock is called Boneparte


No vegetarians allowed!

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  1. We also reviewed Tramshed -!tramshed/c243f - and we also rated the onion rings! Did you have dessert? The parkin & toffee fondue was VERY good!!