Sunday, 11 November 2012

Aint Nothing But...Blues Bar

Thursday drunken nights have become a bit of a routine the last two weeks. Not the wisest when you have to be at work the next day at nine! Regardless of this, last Thursday night I was joined in town by my lovely friend Geneve to cause some London havoc. 

We ended up going to a bar that I have been trying to go for a while now but due to long queues and friends that don't bring id's with them, my attempts have been unsuccessful. 

However, last Thursday I was determined to try once again and finally my efforts were rewarded and I entered :

Now if you are a fan of live music, especially blues, as much as I do, I just know your going to love this little gem of a place.
Located in soho, its a rather small bar, that hosts live bands nearly every night! 
I would recommend getting there early though to avoid any disappointment because this place does get pretty busy. Saying that though me and Geneve ended up there about 9 ish, after hitting up Gem Bar, also located in soho and has a fantastic happy hour which lasts from 5-10! Additionally they serve up lovely food, which was half price as well. I suggest heading there for pre drinks, they have a great main stream playlist churning out all the songs you want to hear to get your going for a big night out!

So back to blues bar, after queuing for 5 mins we went in and squeezed past the mountain of people to end up at the front. The band who I unfortunately have no idea who they were, were bloody unbelievable. I was getting very into it and from looking around it was clear so was everyone else.

Sweat dripped down my face, but I did not care , i was having the time of my life and so was Geneve, just look at her:

All I am going to say is 


I would go there any day of the week!

Entry is Free
Drinks are Cheap 
They serve food


Check it out here:

Square Meal

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