Monday, 24 September 2012

The Factory House

Blog adverture number two took us to the infinate depths of the City; into Bank. Surrounded by a sea of suits we sought direction for a fun and lively bar from three dudes we stalked out in Leddenhall Market. They gave us everything we needed: the name of a bar around the corner, promised to be cheap, fun and lively.
Joe, 1,2, 3 - in all the excitement we forgot to actually ask their names; they look like Joe's 
Off we went under 'Joe's' directions onto 'The Sterling'.

Pretty impressive location - right underneath the Gherkin.

However the bar left quite a bit to be desired... we seemed to have left three men in suits only to move to a new location with slighlty more men and women in suits; lacking much atmosphere.

After that mishap I suggested that we follow a more trusted source. That leads us to me - Paris.

After working at the opening of a new restaurant nearby I had the inside scoop of where we could find amazing food in a great setting - all for 50% off! Music to my ears. The Factory House opened its doors last Thursday - the 1930's style restaurant celebrates all things British. Offering its guests quintessential Brit faire like Guinea Fowl, Grilled Wood Pigeon - mixed with a modern twist.

The fun starts as soon as you walk through the door, at which point you are asked to 'clock in' using an old school docking machine; making you feel like you are stepping back 80 years into the age of industrial Britain.

The decor of the restaurant perfectly mirrors the 1930's theme: exposed ceiling pipes and shafts paired with big speak easy style booths.

..Posing to the max with the newspaper style menus..

The food was good. Damn good
Sasha choose Sea Bass, accompanied by some weird things in shells; whilst I had the Guinea fowl,  with two scotch eggs, parsnip puree and spinach.

You heard it here first.. Clock into The Factory House today! They are offering a promotional 50% off food during their launch period, well worth a trip into Bank.

And if you do want to contact them here is the number : 020 7929 4590, and the website:

Square Meal

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